FACTORY SERIES: Starting Up and Succeeding

The Factory progammes have always been single workshops but have cause a number of youth to be identified by people within the industry for work and internships. In general though Project Share faced two major challenges in our follow up after the workshops (1) tracking the progress of the all participants, and (2) making a sustainable impact on them.

Project Share has put together a pilot programme that lasts for six (6) months for any youth interested in putting together a proposal to be present to a wider audience by showcasing it on a crowd funding platform to gain support to complete their project(s) of their dream.

In the six months period, Project Share will hold workshops to prepare participants with the tools needed to run a business with the talent that they already possess; at the end, participants will need to present their ideas to three parties including Project Share, selected speakers within the workshop, and crowd funding platform with the ultimate aim of getting their project started. 

  • Workshop 1: Succeeding in business as a beginner - April 2016
  • Workshop 2: Business Planning & Budgeting - April 2016
  • Workshop 3: Marketing and Selling I - May 2016
  • Workshop 4: Marketing and Selling II - May 2016
  • Workshop 5: Growing Your Business - Customer Service - June 2016
  • Presentation - October/November 2016