Your Future

Each of us is different. We have different talents, skills and strengths. We each have different abilities to improve and develop, and these will change as we grow older.

Different Choices

In our late teens, it can seem as if there is only one road ahead, exams and university, and if we cannot take this or do not take it, then we are lost. This is not true, there are other roads. Even better, as we develop, learn and succeed, we can alter our course – we can leave school, go to work and then go to university or we can do internships, do an access course and go to university, or we can find a job and go straight to work, learn hard and get promotion.

Always Learning

It is important we remember that we must always learn.  The ideas and advice in this book will repeat again and again that in order to succeed in life we must keep learning. When our studies at school are difficult and we find our grades are not as good as we need then it is easy to think that if we go to work then we will not have to learn. But an employer will also want us to learn how to do our job better and learn how to contribute to the business better, if we want to be promoted it is because we have improved and contribute more. To be successful in our lives, we must always keep learning.


Many of us want to study to get a degree and then to find a job as soon as we can. We can feel a lot of stress when we know our classmates will get good grades and go to university when we cannot. We feel pressure to do the same and we feel stress that makes our studying even harder. Our lives can be made even harder because of other difficulties at home such as money problems, a parent that is gone or our siblings that also need support too.


For some of us, it is great to go to university immediately after school but we can also study later. We must decide on timing that is appropriate for each of us, we must make decisions that are best for us and our future by seeking information, listening to others and understanding where each different choice will lead us in the future.