Student doing mock interview with student participant.

Student doing mock interview with student participant.

Volunteers listen to student participants share their life experiences.

Volunteers listen to student participants share their life experiences.


Interview Workshop⁠⁠



Socially disadvantaged young people not understanding how to identify important experiences from their lives and education; demonstrating the values desired by interviewers (e.g. responsibility, independence, team work, communication).


Unlike most interview practice, the primary focus of these workshops is to help participants recognise character traits desired by interviewers. Helping them to identify and articulate their strengths to interviewers at tertiary institutes or future employers.. This workshop also involves volunteers from the business world. The purpose of this is (1) to expand young people’s social network to those other than that they were born into (2) leverage on the volunteers’ experience and their understanding of the business culture to convey those attributes to participants.


To help participants recognise their strengths
To help participants understand character traits that interviewers seek, and explain why they are important at the workplace or within tertiary institutes.  
To help participants identify personal experiences that they possess and look at how they can demonstrate them properly in an interview setting.


Q: Who can join?    
A: 13-20 years old.

Q: How long is the workshop?    
A: One-day Workshop (10am – 4pm).

Q: Where is it held?    
A :Within school or at a corporate office located in Central area.

Q: Do I have to pay?    
A: No, the Workshop is FREE of charge. Once a class is confirmed, a shuttle bus will be arranged to pick students from the school to the venue.

Q: When is the next workshop?    
A: We can open workshops upon request.

Q: How do I apply to be a participant?    
A: Teachers applying on behalf of students can complete the excel form that follows with this email and return it by email.

Q: How can I apply if I want to be a volunteer?    
A: Please contact Ada Wong at :

Q: How many people in a workshop?    
A: At least 10 to open a workshop Maximum 40 young people to one workshop

Q: How should participants prepare for the workshop?    
A: Participants will need to be open minded and receptive to meeting a person who is not from their original background.