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Jacky Fung interned at ING Investment Management Asia Pacific, 2011

Jacky told us he dreamed of wearing a suit and working in Central when Project Share met him 7 years ago. He met a lot of successful people at his mentor company and it helped him redefine his ideas about success. He now works at Hang Seng Bank.

“I didn’t realise how special my internship experience was at the time, not until I had my graduate job interview. The interviewers were surprised I worked with the legal team at ING when I was just 16,” Jacky said, 6 years after the internship.

He now sees the obvious relationships between his internship experience with his current job. Meeting and working with professional people in his internship led him to the finance industry, and he picked banking as his graduate job.

“Banking is the mother of any business,” Jacky states categorically, his dream is not just working in Central anymore, but having his own business and he believes working in the banking industry is his first step in building a successful future.



Elly Wu interned at Financial Times, 2014

This September Elly started her conversion to a bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University from her completed associate degree. As an associate degree graduate in Social Science (a two-year course), she wanted to convert her associate degree to a full degree by entering into the third year of the full-degree programme. Her path to entering the final year of the bachelor’s full-degree programme is harder than for students who went directly to university through the Joint University Programme Admission System (JUPAS) as there are few places for Associate degree holders and she faced intense competition from non-JUPAS students from all different community colleges in her academic results and interviews.

“the professors from the Journalism Department were fascinated by my exposure at Financial Times, that I had met different people and experienced how such a prominent organisation functions internally,” Elly mentioned, reflecting on the interview that earned her a place in the university.

She has taken the initiative to meet her new classmates and talk to professors and this had made her transition from community college to university much smoother, which certainly helps catch up on the new courses coming in as a new Year Three student.

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Stephanie Kwan interned at Mayer Brown JSM, 2015

We learned how much Stephanie wanted to be a lawyer when we met her in the interview for 2015 Summer Internship Programme. After years of hard work, taking every chance she has had, she is going to study her Law degree in UK next year.

With her experience that Project Share arranged for her at Mayer Brown JSM, she was so adamant to study Law at a university that she turned down the offers of the Bachelor of Arts degree in Hong Kong University and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in City University Hong Kong. Instead, she stuck with her dream and chose to take the Higher Diploma of Law and Administration at Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) as a start of getting into the legal world. But Stephanie also decided to retake her DSE public exam and this time passed it with flying colours. She received two offers to study a law degree, one from a local university and another from UK, she has chosen the latter.


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Natalie Lam interned at Financial Times, 2015

Natalie is now a Year Three fashion student majoring in Knitwear at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She studies knitwear design which includes knitwear technology and yarn and textile design. Despite her hectic course workload, she has sought different kinds of internships because she learnt from her internship at the FT organized by Project Share in 2015, that the exposure to new ideas and practices helps make her a better decision maker in the future.

“As an arts student since secondary school, my experience at the Financial Times gave me a totally different view from what I had known before. The exposure to a global corporate business actually led me to a clearer commitment to studying arts and fashion,” Natalie told us recently. She has applied for various kind of arts-related internships during her university years and she was an intern at Arts Gallery Association during the Arts Gallery Week.