This programme aims to familiarise youth with Central and other business districts, where many of them have never been before and very few have knowledge and experience of the working environments and to overcome the mental barriers caused by the geographical and cultural divide; it also provides them the connections needed to develop their social and cultural capital. 

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With total of 4 initiatives, the first initiative "Meet & Share" invites professionals from different industries to meet with students and share their experiences, discuss how to conquer challenges and to open up different choices for them within the industry so that they can make an informed choice when choosing their studies in school. 

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This programme encourages students to use their creativity to create their own future.  Project Share will connect students with different professionals to explore how they can further develop their career within the industry.  The programme includes different workshops and activities to develop a simple idea into (1) different types of ideas, (2) a sellable product or service.

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This Series hope to introduce the youths who are interested in entering the creative industry as their career.  It was inspired Andy Warhol's "The Factory".  Through the introduction of key concepts in the industry, interactive workshops, and panel discussion, we encourage youths to explore how they can stay in the creative industry and the possibilities available for them.

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What is Social Mobility (SM)? How does social and cultural capital affect youths' SM? Census and Statistics of Hong Kong announced that Hong Kong's gini coefficient is 0.539, how is that number related to SM? Is there anything the Hong Kong government is doing to improve youths' ability to move upward? how about other countries, how do they do it?

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Through the development of workshops. on interview skills, etiquette, or presentation and communication skills, Project Share focuses on the needs of youths living in disadvantaged areas to help them enter the job market, so that they can move upwards socially.

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