Factory Series I & II: Life as an Artist and The Expression of Self


  • To help youth who have creative talents understand what an artistic life requires by going through 6 key themes that each artist would need to go through
  • To assist youth understanding of how they can apply their talent in the working world by giving them a list of jobs that creatives can enter
  • To assist youth explore different forms of artistic expressions and to learn how to put ideas into work through interactive sessions 
  • To introduce them to various players in the industries and offer them a chance to ask questions

Factory I & II - Life as an Artist: The Expression of Self

Factory I & II is a unique approach to introduce what it takes to be an artist to students who have natural creative talents, which comprises the following six main elements:

  1. Universal Ideas - ideas that speak to all of us
  2. Influences - things that speak to you
  3. Story - what you say to the world
  4. Compromising - success without losing belief
  5. Learning - never stop
  6. Working - being in a team

In addition to having speakers shared their experience with them, we will be asking them to put theory into practice by having them create their own piece of art. The Factory Series mainly comprises the following parts:

  • Panel Discussion -  About 3-4 professional artists from different creative industries will be invited to share their experiences on the six themes through a panel discussion.
  • Experiential Learning - Participants will create their own punk magazine and work in groups to create a punk outfit which represents an idea they come up with.
  • Performances - Different artists will be invited to perform to share their stories to the audience.


  • Aged 13-20
  • Nominated by Visual Arts teacher from school
  • Proven interests and talent in creative arts
  • See the needs to be exposed
  • Have never been to our Factories before
  • Reside in our focus areas (Tin Shui Wai, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Tung Chung)


Our next Factory I & II will take place in August 2016!  Stay tune on how to register and apply!