Project Share has been working with youth living in disadvantaged areas since 2011 and found that youth who possess natural creative talents do not always have access to people or knowledge to help them develop their skills into something applicable in the work world. 

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s “The Factory” (and Factory Records), Project Share incepted the idea of hosting series of Factory Workshops to find creative talents within the pool of youths we work with and broaden their exposure and experience of art and artistic ideas. The first Factory Series (Factory I and II) was organised in 2012 with the simple aim of locating kids with creative talent and providing them with the tools and platform to express their skills. With the success of the past Factories, Project Share is expanding the series and created Factory III, the aim of which is to commercialise the skills found in previous Factory Workshop.  In 2016, Project Share will be launching the Starting Up and Succeeding in Business workshops to further provide tools to talented youth to make a living out of their work.

““As a local kid born in a grassroots family without the opportunity to nurture my artistic potential, I thought working in creative industry is a great challenge. But after this event I start to realize that it is possible. Question your creative works so that you can ensure it is creative and innovative. Creativity is about thinking out of the box, and breaking the constraints to realize one’s goals.”

— Participant of Factory II, 2012