Career Assistance Programme (CAP) 


Although Summer Internship Programme has been successful in providing the necessary capitals to the young people with whom we work, the number of youths assisted annually through the programme is quantifiable.  The newly launched Career Assistance Programme (CAP) aims further enhance SIP and increase the reach of our beneficiaries to approximately 200 per year.  

Project Share has realised that even though public schools in Hong Kong have government support to provide career advice to students, they do not have the access to the information and resources (e.g. corporate and corporate volunteers) that Project Share does.  With the cooperation of our corporate partners, include getting support from alumni and experienced mentors to collaborate closely on assisting young people who are trying to and/or intending to enhance their lives. Therefore, Project Share seeks to work with schools to deliver a programme that aims to assist students with their career development and career choices.

CAP will run meetings with targeted youths (aged 13-21) within Band II and III students, connect them with people who has had the experience and professionals who understand what qualifications are need for the system.  CAP will also help approximately 200 families within the area; as well as directly improve teachers of a minimum of 5 schools in understanding the issue at hand.

CAP is a three-year Programme consists of the three core initiatives with the ultimate goal of the young people themselves managing and running the programme in order to make it fully sustainable and beneficiary-driven.  The three initiatives include:

  1. Meet and Shares
  2. Handbook for Service Industry
  3. Online Support


Project Share welcome all Band II and III schools within Hong Kong to participate in this programme.  The school will need to bring on a minimum of 30 students to the Meet and Share sessions in any form.  If you are interested, please contact Stephanie Tai at or +852 3105 1995.



Project Share work with corporate partners to explain how people can enter specific companies.  Corporate partners will organise site visits; provide speakers to share how they were able to work in such an organisation; and enhance students’ understanding of the expectations of employers and how young people can prepare to fulfill them.

If your company is interested in being involved, please contact Ada Wong at or +852 3105 1995.